Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The two-hundred-and-fifty-ninth through two-hundred-and-sixty-fifth days combined...I've been quite the busy bee :)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009
Hello everyone. I hope you're all doing well this Hump Day. It has been such a busy week, jammed pack with school and work and all that jazz.

Last week was full of paper writing and finishing up all my last minute stuff for school. I did it though :) The term's over and I can relax a bit - at least until January.

My sister's came home for their winter break on Saturday (awesome!), and then on Sunday we headed into the city to take part in the Amazing New York Race scavenger hunt thing. We tried to find things, but it was simply raining too hard. Sooo, we gave up and just decided to have lunch and then hang out for a few hours.

This week's been good so far - full of food and candy at work thanks to an end of the year breakfast, a department potluck, an award ceremony, and a holiday lunch (tomorrow). And then...the best part of the week...Friday off! S'wonderful!

Here are some pics from Sunday :)

The ginormous tree at Rockefeller Center

Charmin's providing 'fresh, clean public restrooms' right there in Times Square :)

The three of us ended up at Ripley's Believe It Or Not! Odditorium. It was awesome. We had such a blast seeing all the weird and creative stuff in there. I swear, we were at a maturity level of about 10 the second we walked in, and we were about 8 when we eventually left. It was too much fun :)
A stallion sculpture made of recycled chrome car bumpers

A gumball Barack Obama

The real Popeye?

A little hologram dancer singing a ditty about Ripley's.

This chicken had 4 legs

Tourist statues (his camera flashes as people walk between them)

A Lincoln penny portrait

Eerie similarities between JFK and Lincoln

The Last Supper on a canvas of spiderwebs

This was the Black Hole (the camera flash ruins the effect, but it was like walking into a dark, awesome, mind-bending vortex)

My sister (Sis 2) and I took part in the Laser Race, and tried to dodge the laser grid like secret agents

My final score :) I actually made it to the far wall without touching any of the lasers, but on the way back I broke three at once. It was exhausting but so much fun

One of the exhibits in the lobby - Sexy Sadie, the bearded lady and her man. They lip-sync to whatever music is playing in the lobby at the time. When we walked through, they were rocking out to 'Don't Go Breaking My Heart'

It was a wet but ridiculously fun day :)

On another note, seeing as how I am going to be off on Friday, I was going to stay late at work today to get some stuff done. I was thinking that until I saw this message in my e-mail:

"We believe there may be an insect infestation isolated to two specific areas in our office space, a 14th floor closet and a 12th floor storage closet. We have blocked off both areas and will be exterminating them tonight at 7:00 PM. Please make sure you are out of the office by 6:30 PM to accommodate the cleaning crew. The areas being cleaned may be safely entered four hours after the cleaning, so there will be no problems accessing these areas tomorrow. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Thanks"

What?! I think not. I was out promptly at 5:30. I asked a few people to better define what type of infestation was occurring, but received no answer. No answer = I go home. Creepy.

Well, how's the week going for all of you?

Have a great night!



Oh my gosh you've been gone for so long!

Badass Geek

I've sort of wanted to go to Ripley's, if only to be amazed at the quantity of strange things they've collected.

Hope your days slow down soon!

for the love of pictures

Hey Jeanette :) I know. It's been a busy week; but the end of the year always is :) Glad to be back though!

Hey Badass :) They have so much stuff there - and a bunch if the exhibits are interactive in some way. I highly recommend visiting it :)

Have an excellent Thursday!

Pretty Zesty

I feel like it's been a busy week for almost everyone!

And I would be out of that building in a heart beat too!


An infestation? That does sound creepy, I don't blame you for taking off! Glad you get a little time off and that you had fun! When I was in NY I didn't get to go there, I will have to check it out next time. :)

I'm having a little blog giveaway if you are interested at my blog land. :)

for the love of pictures

Hey Kris :) I know - the workdays preceeding majot holidays are always swamped :) I left the building so quickly. The next day, they said everything was all clear, but the still won't tell any of us what kind of infestation they had to deal with :(

Hey OceanDreams :) It was creepy - still is kind of since it's a big mystery. You should definitely visit Ripley's if you get a chance. My dad tells me that the exhibits are actually going to be moved out of Times Square in a few years. I already visited and put my comment in for your giveaway (really cool one, btw :)

Have an excellent week and an amazing holiday!

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