Sunday, January 10, 2010

The two-hundred-and-and-eighty-sixth through two-hundred-and-ninetieth days combined...Ride 'em cowboy!

Sunday, January 10, 2010
Work has been killing me since the year started. I had hoped that a lot of the 2009 tension and office politics would be left behind in the old year, but I was being naive. Things have gotten so much worse in such a short time period that I pretty much just want to keep my door closed all day to avoid all the pettiness and back-biting. Too bad I can't - we've already been talked to about having doors closed for too long.

I practically flew out of there at 5:30 on Friday, not just because I had that bull riding event to go to, but because people are now waiting until lunch breaks and after hours to try and chat people up to find allies and clique members - and I'm not having any part of it. Leave me out of that silly drama please.

The event was amazing though. The group of us headed over to pick up our tickets and then grabbed a quick dinner at a nearby sports bar before heading inside. The place was packed! I didn't know that professional bull riding was so popular, but it was great :) People had traveled from all over to attend. A little girl who was picked as 'best dressed fan', and her family, had come to NY from Kansas just to watch the invitationals. It was a great start to the weekend and my man and I had a great time :) Enjoy some pics!

A wall of great moments from The Garden

Singing the National Anthem

It was packed!
So how did the weekend treat all of you?
Have a wonderful night everyone!



awesome pictures~! that must be a great game huh..? dont much worry about the stress and tensions in your work..things will soon get be...cheers~! :P

Optimistic Pessimist

bull riding at madison square garden? i would so go to that!


Glad you had a nice time and sorry work has been keeping you so busy! nice pics, what a fun event to go to!

for the love of pictures

Hey ayu :) Thanks! I hope the tensions at work break soon - it's horrible on my nerves :)

Hey Optimistic :) It was so much fun. I would definitely go again, though I think I would want to sit closer :)

Hey Ocean :) It was a great event. Yeah, things have been really busy. Hopefully things will calm down soon though.

Have an amazing week everyone!

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