Monday, May 24, 2010

See Paperwork Sit...

Monday, May 24, 2010
That's all it does. More and more of it keeps finding it's way into my office, and it just sits there. No matter how much work gets done, the piles still grow. I would send out a rescue flare, but imagine the fire hazard.

My boss actually had the gall to come into my office last Tuesday, look me square in the eye after glancing (with disdain I might add) at the literal piles of files and paperwork on my desk, filing cabinets, and floor, and say 'I am re-assigning these files to you. One has a 6/1 deadline, and another doesn't start until July...but it needs to be done by this Monday. The last one will be a problem and the guy will need some hand-holding through the process (to be read TIME CONSUMING) but I gave it to you since I knew you could do it.' She failed to mention the three other projects whose files where hidden in the middle and also have early June deadlines. I'm all for being a team player, but come on!

I would have said thanks for the confidence, but they are always giving me the problem files. Always. Did she immediately put all the paperwork towers that I've got going on out of her head? There is no possible way that I can stay on top of everything as it is, and then she drops the rest of the bad news bomb - the woman whose work is being re-assigned might be out for an additional 2 or more weeks. She already told me that she'd be back in 2 weeks to re-assign some more projects to me. Oh happy day.

Oh...and it gets even better :)

The next day, I was called into a meeting in which I was informed that yet another project was being re-assigned to me...with a deadline of last Friday. I quickly reminded the bosses that I would be out of the office on Friday, to which they responded that the deadline for me would be Thursday. One day to get everything done, on top of everything else that I already have going on. I could feel my blood pressure start continue to rise, but I just put on a poker face, said "No problem", and headed back down to my office. What else could I say? Much as I wanted to say "Well [bosses], much like the Inn at Jesus' birth, I'm all full up. So thanks, but no thanks!", I felt my actual response was more workplace appropriate.

The lady we were filling in for actually surprised everyone and showed up today, so I just gave her all her files back. We'll see if she works the full week. I have my fingers crossed :)

All that made me so frustrated with work last Wednesday, that I sent this e-mail to the mail room supervisor (who also periodically fixes our copiers when they act up) regarding the copier breaking down just when I needed it:

The copier is jammed. Again. Sorry in advance.
It, of course, chose to start behaving like an insolent little child at exactly 6:40pm, leaving that wonderful surprise for everyone to walk in to in the morning.

I hope he had a laugh, or a least a chuckle, when he read it.

My man also came to the City to have lunch with me last week - it was the highlight of my workweek :) On the way to the restaurant we see this...

Morbid, but true.

This week has to be better. I just have to take deep breaths and keep looking forward to the long weekend. Anyone have any Memorial Day weekend plans? I will be attending Sis 1's college graduation!!! Wow, time really flies :) I am so excited for, and proud of, her!

Now, back to work. Have a great day everyone!



Paper work really is sneaky that way. Why does it have to multiple every day? It seems like Monday's make paperwork quadruple! I'm with ya sister!

for the love of pictures

Hey Sunshinemeg :) It really is sneaky - not cool. If only I could get a petition passed to make Fraturday real. Wouldn't an extra weekend day off between Friday and Saturday be lovely?

Have an amazing rest of the week!


Wow, sounds like they push you real hard there. The pay better be good! Hope things lighten up for you soon though. Would you mind if I asked you what you did for a living?

for the love of pictures

Hey Lee :) Work has been really busy, and it's just going to be harder throughout the rest of the summer. I am a Rep at an entertainment union, and it is a stressful, deadline driven place.

Have a wonderful week!

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