Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I just want to sleep until next Hump Day

Wednesday, March 31, 2010 0
I'm exhausted. It's midterm week at school and the paperwork sitting on my desk is threatening to bury me alive. There is so much paper there that I don't even remember the last time I saw any actual desk.

Two bright spots so far this week:

1) My man and I found the venue where we want to hold our ceremony and reception late next year (Woo Hoo!). Now we just need to put down the deposit :)


2) They are opening a Five Guys close to my neighborhood.

I have had so many people rave to me about their burgers and fries that I'm pretty excited. I stopped by the one by my job recently, but I wasn't hungry so I didn't get anything. I found it interesting though that they proudly advertised that they sold peanuts in the shell. I had no clue there was such a high demand for peanuts :)

They also displayed this sign on the door.

I'm hoping the sign was a result of (over)concern, instead of any allergy related issues that might have happened in the neighborhood.

Have a great rest of the night everyone, and have a great April Fool's Day tomorrow!

Friday, March 26, 2010

It's the three-hundred-and-sixty-fifth day, so how about a giveaway?

Friday, March 26, 2010 14
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Wow, today is my blogoversary. I was thinking back to when I started this blog-o-mine and realized both how little and how much my life has changed. I'm happy that I started this, and extremely happy that people actually read and comment of my ramblings, and that I have found so many wonderful blogs to read and comment on as well :)

In honor of reaching 365 days, I feel like having a mini giveaway. Let's say two readers will each receive a gift card in the amount of $13.65 (representing the 365 days of my first blogging year, of course) and a copy of one of my favorite books. The two books will be Jane Eyre and My Antonia (random selection of which goes to who), but the winners can each pick whether they would like a Barnes and Noble, Amazon or Target gift card.

How to enter you ask? Leave a comment (about anything) for one entry, and let me know if you are a follower for another entry. I'll announce the two winners in a week on Friday, April 2nd.

So, what has been happening with all of your lately? The weather here has been ridiculous. Last Friday and Saturday were beautiful, sunny, 70+ degree days. I'm not a big sun person, but after the craptastic weather winter has provided, I was loving it. The wind and rain were so bad at one point that two trees came down on the road to my house, blocking two roads so that everyone had no choice but to take the long route wherever they were going.

It didn't help that it took the city a few days to clear the path and get the streetlights working again.

I also took in a bit of the St. Patrick's Day parade on the 17th. It's hard not too as it's right in front of my job. I stayed and watched for about a half hour before heading back inside.

This guy was one of my favorites. He was laughing and joking around while they waited, but then quickly put on his serious face when they started moving again.

I hope you all had a wonderful week. TGIF though! I am so ready for the weekend - I just need to get through the rest of the workday first :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A whole lot of days combined...

Sunday, March 7, 2010 6
I missed you!

Work and school have decided to divide my attentions in an attempt to conquer me, but I'm staying strong :) I just took the final exam for one of courses and I am exhausted. No rest for the weary though - my next class starts tomorrow :)

As I stated in my last post/blurb, I'm engaged! Oh, I'm so happy and excited. thank you all for your congratulations - you're all so awesome!
Where to start...

Well, my man and I met during our freshman year in high school. We became friends during sophomore year, but lost touch junior year. We found each other again during our senior year Halloween Dance (full wonderful costumes and all) and began dating after getting re-acquainted. We went on to survive long distance missing each other during college and grad school, and on Valentine's Day 2010, he proposed. My sweets is such a romantic and he took me back to our old high school and proposed (on bended knee) in front of his old locker, right by the stairwell where we used to meet every day after school - where we exchanged our first Valentine's Day gifts after saying ‘I Love You’ to each other for the first time 13 years ago.

One would think that the fact that one of the Brothers was waiting for us to unlock the high school doors and let us in would have tipped me off but, while I did think it was very odd, my mind was so preoccupied with school (I had two papers due by midnight that day) that I still had no clue :)

I'm just so happy :D

So what else has been going on with me over that last few weeks?

P, and my friend K all went out last week to chat and hand out. We made it a cupcake and cocktails night, complete with Crumbs cupcakey deliciousness, beaded necklaces and tiaras - haha.

Cupcakes included red velvet, vanilla with rainbow sprinkles and Oreo cookies & cream

My man and I had gone to see a Celtic Woman performance at Radio City in late February.

It was very good - they have wonderful voices and put on an entertaining show.

Other than that I've been, like I said, focusing on work and school. So, how about all of you? What's been going on in your lives?

I hope you're all doing well, and wish everyone a wonderful night!
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