Thursday, February 4, 2010

The three-hundred-and-fourteenth and three-hundred-and-fifteenth days combined...

Thursday, February 4, 2010
Today is P's birthday!!! Another co-worker of ours helped me decorate her cubicle area last night. I must say that we went overboard a bit :)

We put so many streamers, balloons and confetti in that space it was hilarious. O emptied an entire bag of confetti on P's desk. It was payback for what she did to both of our desks (and several others in the office) on our birthdays. P was an excellent sport when she saw it though; partially because it looked so awesome (did everyone hear me toot my own horn there?) but also because her spirits were already soaring from the b-day gift that her boyfriend, L, gave her (three pics down).

A few of us went to TGI Fridays for lunch. We had a severe issue with them last time, so this lunch was on the house. P told them it was her birthday, so we got this whole cake (with singing accompaniment) too!

Then there was even more cake at work - yes, that is Bradley Cooper in the frame :)

And, oh yeah, as I alluded to before...P's engaged!!! I am so happy for her and L. They ring is lovely!

P wanted a birthstone ring, and I think L did a marvelous job of picking this one out :) When she showed it to us as she came in to work, all the other departments heard was a collective shriek followed by giggling and choruses of "Let me see" and "It's so pretty" coming from our area. Congrats to her again! Now they just have to start their planning :)

On another note, I saw even more birds (on a wire) yesterday. I just watched The Birds - again - with my dad the other night, so it's freaking me out a bit :)

Have a wonderful night everyone! Friday's almost here :)



pls. tell happy birthday to her for me~!! :D

for the love of pictures

Hey ayu :) I definitely will!

Have a wonderful weekend!

kendahl a.

Bradley Cooper is extremely handsome. :)

I like that birds on a wire picture a lot!

for the love of pictures

Hey Kendahl :) Isn't he though? Especially when he has longer hair :)

Thanks! I like the pic too. I've been seeing a lot more birds in the city than I used too.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Well, Happy Birthday to P and here's my Best Wishes to their upcoming wedding :D Love the ring too!

for the love of pictures

Hey my unrevealedthoughts :) I passed on your well wishes :)

Have a wonderful week!

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