Tuesday, October 12, 2010

NY Comic Con was great - once again :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010
My man and I attended NYCC over the weekend. It was his B-Day gift to me, and we had a blast. We met a few people, bought a few things (i.e. spent way to much on Doctor Who merchandise), and had three exhausting days of fun. It was great!
The Weekender Pass

I spy, with my little eye...a zombie.
The Masters Of None guys were great, and held an interesting photo scavenger hunt. We didn't win, but we did have fun. Check of the Masters of None podcast here if you're interested.
Some of the X-men crew were joined by Kick-Ass

So that's what happens to a party when Magneto comes through

The "line" to meet/get an autograph from Adrien Brody

My man and I were officially the end of the line - we got a sign and everything :)

I love this pic :)

Heeeeyyy Brody!

It really is amazing what Nathan Sawaya can make out of Legos

James Marsters looking wonderful :)
Lou Ferrigno :)

Impromptu mirror image contest? :)

As I said, it was a great weekend :) So how are you all doing?
Hope everyone is having a stress-free (as stress-free as possible) and productive day!



Comic Con happens in Baltimore every year and you can see super heros roaming the streets!(And the bars!!!) It's a sight to have a pint and look up to see Wonder Woman knocking a cold one back too! Hope you guys had a blast.

for the love of pictures

Hey Sunshinemeg :) That's awesome. I'd love to go to the enormous one held in CA eventually. It's great seeing the poeple that dress up. Most of them really go all out!

Have an amazing weekend & Happy Halloween!

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