Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What's with the shoes?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012
If anyone was looking to play an impromptu game of detective - Whose shoe is this? Edition - you could have had a field day at the corner of 46th and Madison yesterday afternoon. These two pairs of mens shoes were lined up in such a way that it looked like the previous owners stepped out of them and kept going, or disappeared altogether. For all I know, the mystery shoes are still there, patiently waiting. I commented to P that perhaps Marty McFly simply didn't right the wrongs in those two people's pasts quick enough, but she just gave me a quirky look and didn't respond.

How she could have held a response back, I have no clue. BTTF humor is too good to be ignored :) That movie series is so great. My husband and I even had a Back to the Future table at our wedding. (So you don't think it was some random DeLorean-esque table on the dance floor, each of our guest tables was actually named after and tailored toward one of our favorite movies. I'll include the full movie list at the end, if anyone's interested.) What with the DeLorean time machine (yes, I know it's no 'bigger on the inside, multi-room, yes, it even has a swimming pool' Tardis - and yes, I do love Doctor Who too), great story, and Michael J. Fox, this movie is a classic. And it even has a crazy old Doctor who, while not as adorable as any of Dr. Who's recent regenerations, definitely marches to the beat of his own drummer.

I got off topic a bit, I think. Shoes. Yes. What is with all the abandoned shoes I'm seeing in the city? I understand seeing one sad and broken or lost shoe, but when it's one, two or three pairs placed together, neatly on the edge of the sidewalk - is that some art thing?

Anyway, back to work. This paperwork pile isn't going to stare at itself.

Have an excellent Hump Day everyone; and it's February 1st - Happy National Freedom Day!

Oh, the list :) The tables at our wedding were Jerry MaGuire, Clue, With Honors, Stardust, Jurassic Park, The 10th Kingdom (yes, I know it's a mini-series and not a movie, but it is the BEST!), Top Gun, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, Bad Boys, and Back to the Future. It was amazing, and everyone got it and loved it. Simply amazing :)


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