Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Witches and Zombies and Cookies...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012
Yesterday, I overheard two of my co-workers talking about the new books they are reading. One is wading her way through some Ernest Hemingway ('because I've just never read it, and why not?'), and the other is drowning in Gregory Maguire's Wicked.

I thought I was the only one who hated that book! My sister powered through it (better her than me, really), and gave it a solid "C+/B-" rating, but I positively hated it. I think I had about 100 or so pages left when I gave up on it altogether. So, hearing co-worker #2 follow up "I'm reading Wicked on my nook right now" with "It is so dense. I can't take it!" brought a book-pain-misery-loves-company smile to my face. Sidenote: Nooks are awesome :)

Just as I was, co-worker #2 is fighting Maguire's constant rambling, and the repetitive 'let's drive your mind off the beaten path into the boring wilderness' nature of the book. It's just too...blah. She's about 300 pages in, and wants to toss the book aside (well, really gently place her nook in a safe spot) and never glance at the book again; but, like my sister, she's powering through. Again, better her than me.

I did recently finish Pride and Prejudice and Zombies though. They weren't kidding about the ultraviolent zombie mayhem. Gory and violent, but a fun read. Infinitely more fun than Ms. Austen's original - sorry Jane.

I hate zombies - they freak me out - but I do love a good book :) This one has A LOT of disturbing scenes, but one in particular made me actually put the book down for a while and try to wipe the images from my mind. Of course, I later dissolved into laughter when I read the passage to my sisters. It was just so crazy and gory, we had to laugh.

Thanks to that book, I'm definitely interested in reading another of Seth Grahame-Smith's books, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Why not? 1) It sounds twisted and interesting. Honest Abe, a rugged vampire hunter? I am intrigued. 2) I've heard good reviews from friends; and 3) with a cover like this, how could I not want to read it?

I am also hooked on The Hollows series, by Amanda Hocking. I blazed a post-apocalyptic zombie littered trail through the first book, Hollowland, and immediately downloaded book 2, Hollowmen.

However, while I do enjoy juggling a couple of books at a time, I'm pretty into what I'm reading right now (Angela Benson's Awakening Mercy) so beginning book 2 will have to wait :(

But yes, I am super excited to see where book 2 takes the main characters - even will (or maybe especially with) all the zombie creepiness. Man, I love diving into a good, well-written book :)

On another topic, some evil person put Girl Scout cookies out at work today.

I don't even like Girl Scout cookies all that much (stop the boos and hisses. They are okay, but not my favorites!), but any workday here creates a need for chocolate. Almost like the need for oxygen. Almost. I managed to escape unharmed with two Thin Mints. As I sat at my desk, I overheard a co-worker say that she had just been shoved out of the way so others could reach the box. Madness. Tasty madness.

Happy Hump Day everybody!


Tess @ Pro-tography 101

I love thin mints but hate the rest. lol

for the love of pictures

Hey Tess :) Thank you! It's good to know I'm not the only one not completely smitten with Girl Scout cookies :)

Have an amazing rest of the week!

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