Sunday, March 29, 2009

The fourth day...

Sunday, March 29, 2009
My family came across several old board games when cleaning and organizing a few months ago. We have always been big board game players and have amassed A LOT of them over the years. I remember playing a lot of games (including the two shown above) with my family when I was a kid, but things get so busy and hectic when you get a bit older and have to deal with school and work and all of life's other little etceteras. I think I may have to institute a game night situation to try and get a little of that free-for-all fun back. The only games that I never really got were Yahtzee and Risk. I just never got what was fun with those games. Anyway, if anyone has any family game night ideas, let me know :)

On another note, a week ago Yahoo! Movies put up a list called 100 Movies to See Before You Die. It is an interesting collection of films. I’ve already seen some of the films, and may have to check out the rest. If you’re interested, the list can be found here: 100 Movies to See Before You Die. Let me know what you think of the list, or if you feel any film is more of a must see that the others :)


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