Sunday, March 29, 2009

The third day (a little belated)...

Sunday, March 29, 2009
Well, this picture was taken on Saturday the 28th, so I am still going to count it as a pic post for yesterday. I would have posted sooner, but my man and I went to the movies last night. It was supposed to be for just the one show, but, of course it turned into a double header. It often does with us. What can I say; we love movies. I can never figure out why theaters always have so many concession stands. This particular theater has three. The pic above is of the smallest one and it's never open. Why bother? How about putting in another theater, or some more restrooms? There's always a need for more of those. The line for the ladies room can get pretty ridiculous.

We ended up seeing Knowing first. It was actually okay up until the end. What a disappointing ending. If you saw The Forgotten or Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull then you know exactly what kind of disappointment I mean. Why are so many movies taking unnecessary M. Night Shyamalan twists?

The second show was 12 Rounds. It was a good action movie, but the plot was also very clever - or maybe intricate is the more appropriate word. Added bonus? The extremely attractive Brian White. One of the trailers before the film was for Fighting, his upcoming movie with Channing Tatum, but I didn't know that he was in 12 Rounds too. He is such a treat for the eyes. All in all it was a fun Saturday night. I got to spend time with my man, and watch movies. Always a good time.


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