Friday, July 17, 2009

Ah, the Humane-ity :)

Friday, July 17, 2009
Oh happy day...I was given an award by Miss Cindy @ Simple Life and Reading :)
The Humane Award :)

According to Miss Cindy’s awesome blog the Humane Award is to honor certain bloggers that are kindhearted individuals who regularly take part in my blog and always leave comments :) This lovely award is to thank those individuals for their growing friendships through the blog world.

Very cool! Thanks again Miss Cindy!

I’m passing this on to…

2. Fidgeting Gidget @ Fidgeting Gidget
3. Badass Geek @ The Badass Geek
4. Moonjava @ Moonjava's Muse; and
5. Kimberly @ My Wooden Heart.
Enjoy the rest of the night!



OOOO thanks you!! I'm so excited! I love seeing your pictures!

for the love of pictures

Hey Jeanette :) Cool, I was just about to leave you a comment about it :) Your blog has introduced me to some great music - and those comics are hilarious.

Have a great night!


Thank you so much! That's very sweet of you, and cheers me up greatly!

Work treated me pretty crappy today...Harry Potter on the other hand was pretty darn good!

for the love of pictures

Hey Moonjava :) You are very welcome - and I'm glad it cheered you up :) The movie was great. I just wish that the last two were coming out sooner :)

Have a great weekend!


you're very welcome :)

for the love of pictures

Hey Miss Cindy :) It was an excellent surprise that really brightened my day. Thanks again!

Have a great rest of the night!

paddle to shore

Thank you so much for the award my darling. I'm sorry I haven't actually been commenting as much as I usually do. I've been so busy getting ready to take off. I never thought I would have so many goodbyes within the last few days, I will definitely get back to my regular commenting self when I'm all settled in Los Angeles.

for the love of pictures

Hey Kimberly :) You are very welcome :) Take your time and settle in. It sucks when you have to rush when moving and don't get to settle in and relax properly.

Have a great night!

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