Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The hundred-and-twenty-sixth day...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009
I took a little trip to Barnes & Noble during lunch today (I just beat the rain - yes!) and walked away with two of the little box-o-nonsense things that they keep by the register. What can I say, I was bored, and I had my membership card and a 20% off coupon.


I stuck the magnets to the front of my desk so they can be seen by all who walk by. One co-worker said that they are "cute", but that's all. I don't anticipate any problems - they are a little twisted, but still a little cute.


I tried to find a place for this in my office, but as I seriously already have way too much stuff on my desk and shelves, I moved it out to P's desk. True, a whole section of her desk is now occupied, but 1) I'm fine with that :) 2) she has a big U shaped desk and could spare the space, and 3) she was sitting at her desk while I constructed the scene (and even taped the 'Do Not Cross' tape down) so there you go :) She was well informed. It's a nice little bonus that her cubicle is the first one that is seen when anyone turns the corner, so the little construction site will be the first thing that people really see :)

So, how has the day been treating all of you? Anyone else made any completely frivolous purchases lately?

Stay dry and enjoy the rest of the day!



A girl at work has that construction site set! I took one of the cones haha

for the love of pictures

Hey Jeanette :) Nice! It really is a cute set. If only I had room for it alongside my piggy bank, bionicle, dragon, etc.

Have a wonderful night!

Badass Geek

No recent purchases here... well, unless you consider paying the electricity bill a purchase.

for the love of pictures

Hey Badass :) Ah, bills. I'm not really a fan. It's too bad that I have so many of them :)

Have an amazing day!

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