Friday, April 2, 2010

Drumroll please ... timpani with a side of snare, perhaps?

Friday, April 2, 2010
Giveaway time :) Yea!

Well, I went old school again :) I wrote all the entries on slips of paper, scrunched each slip up, put 'em in a hat, and then had two people close their eyes, spin around a few times (for fun - you know) and pick a slip.

The gift cards aren't here, but enjoy the sight of the books (once again, the laptop stays with me)

All that being said, the winners are ...

1) Kelly!


2) Lee!


Just e-mail me your addresses - you can find my e-mail address on my profile - and I'll send those lovely gift cards and books right out :) Remember to tell me which gift card you would prefer (Barnes and Noble, Target or Amazon) - the book choice will be random.

I'd just like to say thanks again to everyone who participated - you guys are wonderful! Thanks again everyone for participating, commenting, and following :)

I'll leave you with some birds. Ahh, the joys of city pigeons.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!



Thanks for holding this contest. It's crazy to me that I actually won.

P.S. Does the pigeon that's all alone have poop on it's beak?


wow..congrats for the winners~!! i wonder why i didnt join!!! yay! hehe..well..its my fault hehehe

check out my latest post if you're ain't busy~ :3

for the love of pictures

Hey Lee :) Congrats on winning! Your prizes will be on the way soon. About the pigeon - knowing NY pigeons, it could definitely be poop.

Hey ayu :) I hope to have another giveaway soon, so you can enter that one :)

Have a wonderful Easter everyone, and a great rest of the weekend!

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