Sunday, November 15, 2009

The two-hundred-and-thirty-first through two-hundred-and-thirty-fourth days...

Sunday, November 15, 2009
How's everyone doing? I have been so busy these last few days. School, work, dealing with my new customer service friends. Seriously, I've spoken with so many people that I know some of the reps entirely too well.

I am so tired of dealing with people, that I am simply not ready to deal with work tomorrow. I can't believe that the weekend flew by so quickly. My man and I did get to see 2012 though, so that was great. It was completely implausible and over-the-top, but the special effects were wonderful and I really enjoyed it. Since it was so effects driven, it's definitely a movie theater/big screen film.

I'm trying to think of birthday gifts for my man - his b-day is at the end of the month. I was initially thinking of doing something touristy in the city like a harbor cruise, a tour, a show, or going somewhere like Top of the Rock...

...but I'm thinking of taking him out for something a little closer to home. I don't know. I've spent so much time thinking about what to get him for Christmas that I'm a bit at a loss for his birthday.

Oh, before I forget: The poll has closed. So, what was your favorite TV show from the old ABC TGIF lineups? The majority of the votes went to Boy Meets World, with Step by Step, Family Matters, and Full House in a triple tie for second place :)

Anyway, again, how have all of you been? Anything interesting happen this weekend?

Have a wonderful rest of the night!



All of those are great shows!

Children of the 90s

I was definitely a Boy Meets World girl :)

I like your birthday ideas. Doing something touristy close to home can be a fun change of pace, too. There are sometimes great things right in your area that you wouldn't ordinarily do because you're not a visitor there.

Badass Geek

My weekend was exceedingly boring. But I got to sleep a lot, so that's okay.

for the love of pictures

Hey Jeanette :) I think so too!

Hey Children :) Me too. That show was pretty funny :) I think I'm settled on taking him to dinner and a movie - his choice, of course :)

Hey Badass :) Sleep is always wonderful. I need some more of that :)

Have a great night everyone!

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