Monday, November 2, 2009

The two-hundred-and-twenty-first day...

Monday, November 2, 2009
Today was pretty slow - and yet I'm still tired :)

I saw a new Train of Thought (yea!)

Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world.
~ Schopenhauer, Studies in Pessimism

On another note, when I went out to take a walk at lunch time, I saw that the sidewalk across the street from one of the hotels in the area was packed with people all holding cameras. I, of course, instantly took out my own camera and asked the lady next to me who everyone was waiting for...well, apparently the vice-president himself was about to exit the hotel!

I snapped a few pics of the police, guards, Secret Service, etc. while I waited.

And waited.

And waited. I finally gave up since I only get an hour for lunch and, sorry Mr. VP, but I had things to do :) As I was walking away, I heard a police officer tell one of the other onlookers that no pictures of the VP would be allowed, and that they would clear the entire street before he walked out anyway. Thanks for letting us know before we wasted our time. Well, it was still an experience anyway :) Enjoy the rest of the night everyone!


Badass Geek

Nothing against the VP, but I wouldn't waste more than two minutes of my time waiting to see him. I can Google a picture of him if I want. =)


They should've let you take pictures!

for the love of pictures

Hey Badass :) I know what you mean, but I do love taking my own pics whenever I get the chance. I'll only wait so long for the opportunity though - especially on my lunch hour :)

Hey Jeanette :) I know, or at least tell everyone waiting that they weren't allowing pics in the first place, so everyone could move along and not block the sidewalk :)

Enjoy the rest of the night!


How cool is that? I am glad you didn't waste your whole lunch break waiting :)

for the love of pictures

Hey Life with Kaishon :) I know :) The interesting things that happen in the city :) I'm glad too. Thank goodness the cop actually told us what the deal was - though I probably would have left around then anyway. It was getting a bit too cold to stand around :)

Have a great weekend!

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