Thursday, August 27, 2009

The hundred-and-fifty-fifth day...

Thursday, August 27, 2009
My commute to work and back usually takes about 1 hr 45 min to 2 hours, each way. I believe that's long enough, don't you? 4 hours a day. Well, this morning, due to signal malfunctions, stalled trains and idiots who don't get that they can't stand in doorways when those doors are trying to close, it took me 3 and a half hours to get to work. It makes it even worse that since I was underground, I couldn't call anyone to let them know what was up and that I was going to be late. When I finally managed to catch a train that let me off in the vicinity of my job, I called my boss. Her response? To tell me that my ears must have been burning as she was just talking about me (never good) and to remind me to stop by her office when I arrived to let her know that I was there. I was an hour late for work. It was a craptastic morning.

During lunch, I foolishly tried to do what I thought would be a simple 10 minute task. I tried to return an item to Best Buy. The problem arose because I purchased two items at the same time online. I did a store pickup for one and had to have the other shipped. The item that I picked up in the store was broken and I wanted to take it back - for a return not an exchange. Now, even though I had asked if i could return the items individually (I actually asked three times, once when I did the store pick-up and then during two subsequent phone calls to the store), and was told that I could, the machine would simply not allow it. It seems that I needed to bring both items to the store...even though the shipped item has not been delivered yet...and the 14 day return period for the picked up item is almost up. I was basically told that the situation 'sucks for me'. I wasted my entire lunch hour (and then some) there while the cashier and her assistant/a manager/someone who never identified herself messed around with the computer. They looked up every so often to say sorry and then went back to accomplishing nothing. I was there for 1 hour and 20 minutes. At the end of that time they had still accomplished nothing and I had to settle for an exchange. Total bull! The cashier I was dealing with was pregnant and managed to groan and rub her belly before she looked up at me - every time. I couldn't yell at her - she's pregnant :) I see a scathing letter being written to Best Buy Headquarters in my future.

Good thing? A few pictures that I managed to take as I trekked to work this morning.

I hope everyone had a much better day than I did :) Enjoy the rest of the night!



I lol'd "The cashier I was dealing with was pregnant and managed to groan and rub her belly before she looked up at me - every time. I couldn't yell at her - she's pregnant :)"

Sorry to hear about your customer service horror story. :( At least you grabbed some nice shots though!


I'm sorry you have such a hard commute, I don't know how you handle it everyday. It only takes me 10 minutes to get to work, and that's only if I get the red lights. There are a lot of downsides to living in a rural area, but the commute isn't one of them. Happy Friday!

Children of the 90s

Sorry your day wasn't the best, but I love the pictures! I just tried to return something at Best Buy the other week and ran into a ton of problems there too :( Have a good weekend!

for the love of pictures

Hey Lee :) Haha, well I couldn't yell at her. Yelling at pregnant women isn't cool - especially for something that's not completely their fault :) I was about to yell at the manager (?) though.

Hey Maisy :) I wish I had a shorter commute, but I make do. The longer commute usually gives me a chance to catch a little nap - except on days like this one, of course.

Hey Children :) Thanks! I don't know what is up with Best Buy lately, but I will be contacting corporate to find out.

Have a wonderful Friday everyone!


Well, I'm glad you at least got some good pictures. Ugh. Makes me want to beeee there! I miss it.

for the love of pictures

Hey Karie :) Yeah, I'm glad that I was able to get the pics too. Even though I had to walk the extra blocks, the walk definitely helped to calm me down before I got to work :)

Have an amazing Friday!

Badass Geek

That is one hefty commute! You must really like your job!

And I've had more sucky customer service experiences with Best Buy than I care to recount.


Great pictures!

for the love of pictures

Hey Badass :) Unfortunately, I live so far out there in Queens that it takes me around the same amount of time to get anywhere in the city. I like my job, but this commute drives me up a wall sometimes. I wish Circuit City stores were still around to give Best Buy some competition.

Hey TeeTee :) Thanks for stopping by and leaving a cooment :)

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Optimistic Pessimist

so frustrating. i have a 30 minute commute that I have to drive and I usually have road rage by the time I get to work. I can't wait to move closer when I buy a house.

for the love of pictures

Hey Optimistic :) I am constantly wishing that my commute was shorter. I think that rough commutes cause at least half of people's workday stress :)

Have a wonderful day!

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