Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The hundred-and-forty-sixth day...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009
It was just too hot today. I stepped out only to go to the bank and then practically ran back to my office. On my way back, I did see that J Crew updated their window display again. Books for back to school? It's kind of cute.

I also had a popped collar sighting as the owner of said collar almost pushed me into oncoming traffic. Apparently her quest to get to Sephora/Coach/insert-store-name-here was simply more important than my life. I managed to educate her on the meaning of common courtesy (abridged version :) and explained exactly where she could stick that snide look she gave me as we crossed the street. What happened to manners and courtesy? I mean, I know it's NYC, but come on!

Well, I'm off to try and find some Benadryl cream for my mosquito bites - yet another reason why summer is my absolute least favorite season. Only a little over a month left until fall though, right?

Have a great night everyone!



I kind of want to hear unabridged version haha!

Optimistic Pessimist

ooohhh....i love that display. what a smart idea.

for the love of pictures

Hey Jeanette :) Haha, the unabridged version is much less...courteous :) I should have blasted her, but I was too hot and tired, and didn't feel like wasting the energy - especially since she obviously didn't care. Oh well.

Hey Optimistic :) It is a cute one. Whoever does their displays is very clever.

Have an amazing day you two!

Badass Geek

Fall starts on September 22nd... but I wouldn't mind a little bit of a cool-off sooner than that.

for the love of pictures

Hey Badass :) I completely agree. I'm sick of the hot, humid weather and the hot, rainy weather. I'm ready for a partly sunny day filled with a nice light breeze.

Have a great day!


I actually heard that ammonia is awesome for mosquito bites this weekend! Who knew. :-)

for the love of pictures

Hey LiLu :) I haven't heard that before, but that's interesting. I actually had to run out a couple of hours ago and buy some Cortizone. Darn mosquitos!

Enjoy the rest of the day!

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