Thursday, August 13, 2009

The hundred-and-forty-first day...

Thursday, August 13, 2009
I am exhausted. I lead a workshop tonight and the sheer amount and depth of people's questions just wore me out. I couldn't finish an answer before three more questions were hurled at me. I was a pro though (pat on the back pour moi, si vous plait :) and answered everything as best as I could, handed out my card, etc, etc, etc. It was a long night. I don't really get it. When other reps lead the seminars they are always out by 7:30. I am usually there until 8pm - though today was even more intense. I was answering questions until 8:15.

It's getting a little weird too - some people have been stating that they only want to attend the seminar if I'm leading it. I'm just left to wonder if no other rep answers questions when they lead it, because I mean please. I am all for helping out and providing answers, but I also want to get home at a reasonable hour. I just hope that the attendees actually took something useful away from the night. There was a guy who sat next to me that kept repeating the last thing that I said - after every sentence. He would then laugh to himself and make some notes. It was like having the Joker beside me. It wasn't so much weird as annoying - whatever though. I have tomorrow off to recover and rest. Thank goodness.

Today's picture is of the sadness in the kitchenette at work :(

No snacks. No soda (oh, sweet orange soda bliss). No nothing. Look at them all stuck in there with no way to get out :(

Our office only has the one vending machine and it's been down for the whole week. The sign went up yesterday. I just happened to overhear that it wasn't working on Monday. Co-workers C and P were talking and I couldn't help but hear (they were very loud) C say that she was told not to use the vending machine as there was water all over the floor (from the water cooler) and there was too great a risk of electrocution. It sounded to my like someone was lying to her, but who wants to take that chance? I can already see that Darwin Award entry. Point is, no orange-flavored carbonated goodness for me today. On the bright side, I saved 75 cents so, yea me!

Have a great night everyone!



The saving of the 75 cents is so bittersweet. I NEED caffeine to get me through the day.

Optimistic Pessimist had a repeater right next to you. Words can never truly express how freakin' creepy that is. Glad you made it through without accidentally backhanding him. You are my hero.

Pretty Zesty

Bummer. I like that sign. Out of Order- Do Not Use! That goes without saying! I hope you survive the 4 oclock madness until it's fixed. :o)


A non-working vending machine is not good! We have one that dispenses ice cream! Absolutely delicious strawberry ice cream sandwiches :P

Badass Geek

No orange soda? What a tragedy!

Hope you enjoy your day off, and get some good pictures! =)

for the love of pictures

Hey Jeanette :) I made do with lemonade, and I'll take the savings :)

Hey Optimistic :) Haha, thanks :) He really was something else. He started out as weird and evolved into annoying beyond words.

Hey Kris :) Thanks for stopping by :) I survived - but knowing where I work? That machine will be broken for a long time.

Hey Moonjava :) Your office has an ice cream machine? So lucky! I wish we had one of those - or two :)

Hey Badass :) I know, right :) Haha, I drink way too much soda anyway. I hope I can get some nice pictures - sleep might win out though :)

Have an amazing Friday everyone!

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