Sunday, September 27, 2009

The hundred-and-eighty-fourth day, hundred-and-eighty-fifth day, and hundred-and-eighty-sixth days combined...

Sunday, September 27, 2009
Hey everyone :) Sorry for my MIA status, but it was family weekend at my sisters' college. Friday night to this afternoon was family time (awesome!).

Some pics :)

We arrived at the campus on Saturday morning just before registration closed down, but still early enough to catch them inflating the bouncy houses for the kids.

Some of the other games :)
Plenty of families and students were in attendance

One of the statues from the campus

This beautiful little leaf found it's way into our trunk

Mission Accomplished!
Yes, we did go here again - and yes, it was just as amazing!
We saw these at the CVS counter. Why would anyone make these, let alone buy them?


One of the campus buildings. I wish it was my house though :)

Some shopping at the Dollar Store...

and the Christmas Tree Shops...

and we caught a movie, of course :) We saw "Surrogates," btw (it was okay)

Some signs from the science building (we had to wait for my sister to start an experiment so I wandered around for a bit)

It was a wonderful weekend with the family. If only I had Monday off to recuperate :)
Have a wonderful rest of the night everyone!


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