Monday, September 14, 2009

The hundred-and-seventy-third day...

Monday, September 14, 2009
I spotted these two construction workers enjoying some people watching from an overpass while on a break.

They must have been having some good fun too because they weren't being very subtle about the fact that they were people watching and talking about the people walking around down below. Then again, why would they be. People don't often look up, so they probably went mostly unnoticed.

Anyway, I know this is way late...but what was up with the VMAs this year? I'm not even talking about the Kanye West/Taylor Swift/Beyonce madness. I'm talking about 1) Lady Gaga's blood soaked performance (Disturbing!), and 2) L'il Mama jumping up on stage and crashing Jay-Z and Alicia Keys' performance when she was so clearly not wanted (she just bothers me so much!).

MTV does love drama though, so I guess those incidents were just icing on the Kanye West pettiness cake.

I'm off to do some reading - again. I think the pages multiply overnight :)

Have a wonderful rest of the night everyone!



This is great picture! It's always fun watching people watch other people. Especially if they don't see you doing it. :)

Optimistic Pessimist

i would probably do the same thing the workers on the roof were doing. people watching is so much fun!

Badass Geek

I've never watched the VMAs, mostly because I'm just not a fan of music videos.

Lady Gaga is disturbing enough, even without the fake blood.


I hate Lady Gaga. She is so crazy. Too crazy.

for the love of pictures

Hey Mishi :) I love to people watch too. People do the strangest things when they think no one is paying attention or when they are in their own little worlds walking down the street.

Hey Optimistic :) I completely agree :)

Hey Badass :) I love music videos. It's interesting to see how the artist (or whoever drew up the video concept) interpreted the song. I agree with you about Lady Gaga - she freaks me out a bit too much.

Hey Jeanette :) I agree. She is just too far off the wall. I don't even think she can see the wall anymore, she's so far off of it.

Have a wonderful night everyone!

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