Sunday, September 20, 2009

The hundred-and-seventy-sixth day through the The hundred-and-seventy-ninth days (combined)...Yeah, that's a whole lotta days!

Sunday, September 20, 2009
Sorry for the lack of posts for the last few days. It's been a pretty hectic and mildly crappy weekend.

I worked extended hours last week so I could have Friday off. First a little tangent...I'm pretty convinced that work is trying to kill me. This must be the case as it's covering its bases so well. If the sheer stress doesn't get me, the mountains or paperwork will surely tumble down upon me and smother me. Anyway, all week long I was looking forward to sleeping like it was my job on Friday, until I remembered that I had two doctors appointments lined up for the day. It was a sad few minutes on Thursday afternoon when I looked at my planner and noticed that.

Thank goodness that my lovely and extremely patient man came with me to the appointments because they were both new doctors and I hate going to new docs alone the first time. The first appointment was at 10:30am, and lasted about 40 minutes (including wait time). The next appointment wasn't until 3pm, so we went to get some grub and then wound up finding an Internet gaming place (we love our video games :)

I wish I had taken pictures of the place. It looked like an especially rundown crack house from the outside, and a something straight out of Saw inside. It was dark, smoky, and looked like it had bodies swinging from chains 10 minutes before we walked in. I made the mistake of going to the restroom - I literally suppressed my screams, opened the door with a piece of paper towel and backed out. It was a scary place to which we will never venture again.

I was wiped after the appointments - I got some not so great news from both, and was in a funk for most of Saturday and some of today. Then I had a quiz and a paper due today - and I have another paper due on Tuesday. This all just contributed to that same funk; but I had to shake myself out of it - at least enough to get some work done :)

And then look at's Monday again. How is it that no day comes quite as quickly as Monday?

On to some pictures :)

I've seen this toy advertised. I'm all for inspiring creativity in kids but I think this is an accident waiting to happen.

My appointments were in Flushing, NY, so we had a chance to drive around the area a bit. Usually, I'm on the bus around there so I miss out on some of the historic buildings.
It's too bad that some of the historic locations are now commercial businesses. This clock looked a bit odd above the new sandwich shop.

Last, but not least it's almost that time again - Halloween (love it!) - and the Halloween store is coming back. You've got to love the number to call.

Have a wonderful night everyone!


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