Thursday, June 18, 2009

The eighty-fifth day...

Thursday, June 18, 2009
Well, today was the Recognition Team's ice-cream social at work. It ended up being a fun hour, filled with Ben & Jerry's ice-cream, so I was happy. It was a great end to my workweek :)

A Ben & Jerry's Rep came and set everything up (and handled the clean-up)

The flavor list

The toppings :)

Gotta love the message :)

The Recognition Team gave everyone got a keepsake ice-cream dish too. I love, love, love free :)

Night all!


Badass Geek

I love Ben & Jerry's. LOVE IT.

Fidgeting Gidget

Yum! Ben and Jerrys! Cookie Dough is my favorite. By the way, did you check back to my post? I gave you five questions. The first one is so damn good I may do a blog post on it and answer it myself. :)


Yum yum, all those ice cream pics make me want to go out and buy some (even though I have 4 cartons in the freezer). :P


What a nice treat!! Have a great weekend! :)

for the love of pictures

Hey Badass :) I love it too - especially Phish Food. Yum!

Hey FG :) Cookie Dough is great too :) I answered the questions :) They were great, btw - especially #1. It took quite a but of thought. Those are 8 tough ladies :)

Hey Moonjava :) I only have one carton in the freezer right now :( I think I may have to get a few more. I'm thinking Birthday Cake Remix and Mango/Vanilla Duetta :)

Hey Maisy :) It was a great treat - especially at work. Workplace treats don't happen nearly often enough.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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