Thursday, June 11, 2009

The seventy-eighth day...Alien Alert

Thursday, June 11, 2009
My man and I saw a trailer for District 9 a while back. It looks like an interesting movie (and it's produced by Peter Jackson), but it's more of a wait for Netflix or cable film for me. The promotional posters are neat though - in that weird way :)

I spot two humans. No need to call the number :)
P and I went to Barnes & Noble today to pick up Keith Hernandez's new book. She's giving it to her guy for Father's Day. At first we were told that he wouldn't be taking any posed pictures, but he must have changed his mind because we were able to get a group shot with the three of us :) I also snapped the pic below of the guy who was waiting behind us in line posing with Keith.
It was a nice half hour. I had to wait on line - which I absolutely hate doing - but I got a nice couple of pictures and I didn't even have to buy the book.

In other news, one of my friends brought the Happy News site to my attention today :) It's a nice site with the tag line "Real News. Compelling Stories. Always Positive." I like :) Feel free to check it out if you're in the mood.

Have a great night everyone!


Badass Geek

Very neat signs. I'd like to see some of those where I live. Oh, and so long as Peter Jackson isn't directing it, the movie should be less than about 16 hours long.

Optimistic Pessimist

interesting poster, yet a little freaky!

Lusty Reader

happy news, sounds like its right up my alley! thanks for sharing!

Lusty Reader

happy news, sounds like its right up my alley! thanks for sharing!


I see that poster all the time. I had no idea it was a movie...

for the love of pictures

Hey Badass :) Peter Jackson's stuff is pretty long, but I must say that those LOTR movies were on point. Loved 'em :)

Hey Optimistic :) Yeah, they are freaky. They're pretty eyecatching though :)

Hey Lusty :) It's good to have some Happy News to read every now and again. Happy to pay that site forward :)

Hey Miss Cindy :) I am so glad that I saw the trailer before seeing the posters or I probably would have been a bit freaked out :)

Have an amazing Friday everyone!

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