Friday, June 19, 2009

Questions, questions, I love questions :)

Friday, June 19, 2009
So there’s this wonderful question game going around – and you all know how I love questionnaires :) The game goes like this: I went to Fidgeting Gidget’s blog, read her five questions, made some comments, and she then gave me 5 awesomely random questions to answer.

Enjoy (and if you would like some questions from yours truly, just let me know) :)

1) Who would win in a Celebrity Deathmatch: Designing Women or Golden Girls? Please state your matchups and who would win and why.

Oh man, this is a difficult one. Let’s go through the teams.

First, the Golden Girls:

Dorothy = She’s got the height and the spunk, she grew up in Brooklyn, NY and she put up with Stan :) She would definitely be the team muscle/enforcer.
Sophia = She’s cunning and spunky. She would also look out for the rest of the team and rally their spirits with her inspirational stories (“Picture this”). Plus, she survived Shady Pines :) Definite team leader.
Rose = She seems like she would be scrappy in a fight. She is probably really strong from doing all those farm chores while she was growing up, and she would be able to baffle and confuse her opponent with her St. Olaf stories.
Blanche = Did you see the punch she threw at the guy down by the docks when they were protesting? She clocked him :) She might be scared to fight at first (don’t hit the face or break a nail, you know), but she is fiercely loyal to her friends and wouldn’t be able to stand idly by while they were being attacked.

Second, the Designing Women:

Julia = She’s outspoken and had more than enough of her own spunk to take on any opponent. She was quick to tell off anyone who offended her or her family. She’s a bit too quick to go to battle to be team leader, but almost nothing can stop her once she gets going.
Suzanne = She would use all her mirrors to blind and cut her opponents. It would take a while for her to get over the shock that someone was actually attacking her, but I also think she would be the one to have weapons hidden on her person.
Mary Jo = She’s a small and scrappy redhead. I feel like she would be like a tea kettle. It would take a while for her anger to reach the surface, but when it did, she would explode into fists of fury.
Charlene = She seemed like another one who could be scrappy. She rarely got visibly angry, but she was pretty good at coming up with some off-the-wall plans. For that reason, I think she would probably be made the team leader.

I see the match-ups going like this:

Dorothy vs. Julia (Dorothy wins)
Sophia vs. Mary Jo (Sophia wins)
Rose vs. Charlene (Charlene wins)
Blanche vs. Suzanne (Blanche wins)

When it’s all said and done, and the dust settles, I think the Golden Girls would emerge victorious (3 to 1). They’re older, and they’ve seen and done it all – the Designing Women wouldn’t stand a chance.
2) What is your favorite thing about where you live?

I live in the metro area, so I would say that my favorite thing is that there is a lot of public transportation around. I don’t drive and love that I don’t need to rely on a car to get me where I need to go. If I want to go out, or head into the city, I can just hop on the bus or the train and get where I need to be. True the buses and trains can often be annoying, but you learn to deal with it. You even learn to deal with those times when the air conditioning breaks down and your train gets stuck in a tunnel due to signal issues, etc… :)
3) What is the worst job you ever had?

The absolute worst was when I was a bus person. Having to deal with customers yelling at me was bad enough; but seeing what people leave behind on their plates was horrible. Some people had absolutely no table manners at all.
4) If you were to be tortured, which would you prefer: Walking across 100 yards of burning hot coals barefooted, or laying on a bed of nails for 2 hours?

I love sleeping. I always joke around with my man and my family that I would make sleeping my job if I could :) I can also fall asleep pretty much anywhere, so I’d choose the bed of nails.
5) What is one food you cannot stand?

There are so many foods that I can’t stand, but if I can only choose one I’d say shellfish. I used to eat shrimp when I was a kid, but one day I saw this PBS show featuring shrimp and decided they were too cute to eat. I couldn’t stomach them after that. Nowadays, I don’t eat anything with shrimp, lobster, scallops, crabs, oysters, or clams.
Enjoy the rest of the day everyone!


Fidgeting Gidget

You broke that match up down almost to perfection....I'd have a 2 to 2 draw, though, I think.....I'm going to post my reasoning one of these days.

Great answers! Did I mention that I love this game? :) I just can't get enough of it.

for the love of pictures

Hey FG :) You should definitely post your reasoning. Those really were great shows :)

This is a fun game. It's always interesting to see peoples responses, but it's also cool to see the types of questions that people come up with.

Enjoy the rest of the day!


I love your answers! I also don't eat any type of shellfish.. blech.

for the love of pictures

Hey Aimee :) Thanks! Yeah, shellfish just isn't for me. I do like fish though - well some fish.

Have a great night!


Hey! I tagged you on my blog, go check it out.

for the love of pictures

Hey jeanette :) Cool, I'll have to check it out :)

Have a great weekend!

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