Friday, June 12, 2009

The seventy-ninth day...

Friday, June 12, 2009
I bought this Office Doodle Notebook yesterday at Barnes & Noble. I wouldn't have picked it up, but it was 1) funny and 2) on clearance. Gotta love B&N's bargain book section.

The book includes a section in the middle with what it calls official looking charts for purchasers to flip to if the boss walks by :)

The book also includes a highlighted disclaimer stating that the makers of the book shall not be held liable for any job loss suffered as a result of doodling. I like nonsense books like that.

Enjoy the rest of the night everyone!


Badass Geek

I must get one of those. I must.

paddle to shore

I love the clearance section. It's super cheap and they always have wicked juicing books.. I have like 10 of them because I always pick them up even though I know I shouldn't.

Optimistic Pessimist

I love funny and on clearance...great find!


That's looks like an awesome purchase! Hmmm, maybe I'll go see if I can find one today since I have to run errands anyways. ;)

for the love of pictures

Hey Badass :) It is pretty neat. I wouldn't have paid full price, but it was definitely a good clearance find.

Hey Kimberly :) I used to visit the B&N clearance section once a week, but I recently found a used bookstore that sells paperbacks and some hardcovers for $1. I must say it is one of my new favorite places :)

Hey Optimistic :) It's a cute book. It has several doodle ideas to help me pass some of that office time. I don't know if I'd actually chance it at a meeting though :)

Hey Moonjava :) Have fun running your errands. I'm about to head out and do that myself. At least it's not raining - yet. You never know with this weather.

Have an amazing Saturday everyone!


I'm with everyone else in saying that I must get that... soon.

for the love of pictures

Hey jeanette :) Haha, I'm hoping that it'll help pass the time during some of the staff meetings and teleconferences :)

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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