Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The ninety-first day...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009
My hopes were dashed :( I have an exceedingly annoying project that I'm dealing with at work, and everything fell apart with it right at 5:30. I didn't end up leaving until an hour later. I need Friday to come now - actually, I need this project to come together before Friday because there is no way that I am staying one minute past 5:30 then. P and I are going to the Shecky's Girls Night Out event and I am not missing anymore me time this week in favor of them time. I really hope this GNO event is better than the one held in March. P and I attended that one as well, and were horribly disappointed. Both the event itself and the goody bags we received were pitiful. This one is being held at a better location, so hopefully it will be fun.

My dad left today for a week long trip to his sister's :( I miss him already.

He went to visit his sister and her hubby to attend their combination birthday (his)/wedding anniversary party. The rest of us would have gone, but it was just too many schedules to arrange at once. I hope he has fun, but I miss him already - did I already say that :)

A couple of weeks ago, while simply trying to take a lunchtime walk, I ran across another Midtown Manhattan sidewalk tourist cluster.

What were they waiting for? I have no idea, but as I walked around them - in the street - I saw this sight standing in the middle...

During the time that I took my camera back out (I had put it back in my pocket after taking the group picture), turned it on, and got into position to take his picture he never blinked. Not once. That's dedication :)

Have a great night everyone!



That's hysterical! :) We'll be in NYC this weekend, I'll keep an eye out for odd tourists and non-blinking members of society!

for the love of pictures

Hey Melly :) You can always find something interesting to see in NYC :) Have a great time this weekend.

Enjoy the rest of the night!


That's quite a crowd! You'd never see that in small town Colorado :). How do you handle it?

Badass Geek

I wonder if pickpocketers got to his torch and tablet.

for the love of pictures

Hey Maisy :) You get used to it, even though it might still tick you off some days - like if you are trying to get to work. I don't live in the city though, so I get to leave most of the tourist crowd behind when I head home.

Hey Badass :) Haha, I wondered why he was saluting instead of holding his torch high :) Darn pickpockets.

Have a great day!

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