Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The hundred-and-sixty-eighth day...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009
Today was another stress filled, tension filled day at the office. There seem to be a lot of those lately. The one high point? Cake - Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Cake to be specific. Now, I'm not normally a fan of ice cream cake. I prefer my cake to be cake. If I want ice-cream, then I'll have a scoop of it on the side, but Ben & Jerry's is the exception :)

It was half vanilla, half half-baked with lovely chocolaty brownie pieces and...well, it was good :)

One of the birthday girls is my assistant, R :) Her birthday isn't actually until Friday, but one of my colleagues, who I share R with, is best friends with the other birthday girl, P. P's birthday was this past Saturday, so she decided to celebrate both b-days today. I, personally think that celebrating them today made no sense and that the cake should have been saved until Friday. I mean the celebration for P was already belated and would still be belated on Friday, Friday is R's actual b-day, and Friday is just a more relaxed day in general. But whatever. Everyone seemed to love the cake and the birthday girls had fun so that's all that mattered.

On the walk to the subway station yesterday, I passed Radio City and was reminded that the MTV Video Music Awards will be held there on the 13th.

A part of me wishes that I was attending - it always seems like such a great show, but then I remembered that Russell Brand is reprising his role as host. He's been semi-funny in a couple of movies (namely, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and Bedtime Stories), but I thought that he did a horrible job last year and I can't believe they asked him back. Maybe he's revamped his hosting style? I hope he has anyway.

What do you guys think of Russell Brand? Do you even watch the MTV VMAs? Oh, and most importantly...and this is serious now...cake or ice cream cake?

Have a wonderful night everyone!



Hello - what a lovely post ! Your site is really interesting to. Thank you for sharing it, best wishes and.... lovely to meet you !

Badass Geek

I absolutely LOVE ice cream cake, but I do love regular cake as well. I'm an equal opportunity cake eater.

I don't care for Russel Brand at all.

for the love of pictures

Hi Elise :) Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment/compliment :)

Hey Badass :) Being an equal opportunity cake eater does indeed open you up to a whole lot more cake possibilities :) But how do you feel about pie? :)

Have a wonderful Thursday you two!

kendahl a.

I don't mind Russell Brand but the Husband HATES him so won't watch anything with him in it. I didn't think he was too bad in Bedtime Stories. I've watched bits and pieces of the VMA's in the past, but am not a regular watcher. And definitely ice cream for me, unless it's a cupcake, and then it depends on the day. :)


The only reason I saw Bedtime Stories was because my roommates aunt was in it haha!


Definitely cake!!!

for the love of pictures

Hey Kendahl :) I agree with you about cupcakes...yum, now I want one :) Russell Brand is just too much sometimes. I can only take him in supporting roles - the host spotlight is just too much.

Hey Jeanette :) That's cool! Was she principal or background?

Hey Waxy :) Yea! Another supporter of the cake camp :)

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!

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