Thursday, April 9, 2009

The fifteenth day...Joy…Exclamation…Glee :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009
Well, everyone, please join me in my celebration by clapping your hands and jumping up and down like a teenage girl who just got asked to the prom – or just clap your hands. Why? I’ll tell you why? That project at work is d-o-n-e, done. Well, done to the point where I can finally sleep again and enjoy my long weekend/mini vacation; and for that I just have to shout WOO HOOOO!!! It took some pushing, some prodding, some more prodding, a lot of phone calls, and my entire reserve of patience, but it is finally done. Welcome back restful sleep. I plan to enjoy you for as long as I can which, with the way problem projects arise at work, will be the weekend. I just hope that nothing immediate happens with the rest of my projects – I really don’t want to have to answer any questions from home. Barring that…hello world, I am on vacation. What's that Kool-Aid man? OH YEAH!!!

On the way to the train this evening, I passed a guy making some Easter weekend plans on his phone. He was super excited about driving the 45 minutes up to his in-laws on Saturday. He told whoever he was talking to that he was glad to go up there because once he got there, there would be 12 sets of eyes on his newborn daughter and 1 set of eyes (his) on the in-laws brand new big screen TV. The last thing that I heard before passing him – he was walking at an annoying slow leisure tour pace – was that he couldn't wait to sit on the couch for the weekend. Have fun random loud talking guy. Enjoy your doing nothing. I’ll be partaking in that same form of enjoyment from the comfort of my own couch – without the big screen TV, but still.

And now for today’s pictures…

Some of these guys that I have seen transporting these carts are a mix of brave and inconsiderate. This man was walking in the middle of the street to get to his destination - ignoring the honking, speeding and swerving cars the whole way.

This was attempt number one to capture the same picture. One flash malfunction later and, voila, instant midnight.

Have a great night everyone :)


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