Thursday, April 23, 2009

My doggy :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009
A pic of my Maltese hun bun, T, at the request of Amy :)
Unfortunately, I don't have that many pics of him on this computer, so this one is an older one - and he just refused to face the camera. He had just come back from the groomer :)

G'Night again :)



Sweet! Hi T!

for the love of pictures

:) Yeah, his birthday just passed. He got a raw hide bone and absolutely loved it. Haha!


My grandparents had a Maltese... it was actually a horrible little thing (rescued), but I'm sure yours is a sweetheart! :-0


What a cutie!


So cute!...I want a dog but it just seems so hard to take care of them in the city.

for the love of pictures

Thanks LiLu and Maisy :)
He's adorable when he wants to be, but his bark is about 30 decibels louder than a great dane.

for the love of pictures

Thanks Art :) It might be hard to take care of one if you live in the city - though there are a lot of small breed dogs that would probably be a perfect fit. This one here apparently has a job as a full-time barker, but that might just be him. I've had a few other Maltese owners who said their dogs rarely bark.


aweee what a cute lil puppy!!

for the love of pictures

Thanks Novelista :)


Ahhh-dorable! My puppy is all old and slow now, but when she was a baby, she looked kind of like this. So many memories.... such a cutie.

for the love of pictures

Thanks Alanna :) He's about 8 or 9 now (my sister is the one who keeps excellent track of his records) but he still acts like a feisty little puppy.


Awwww...what a cutie!

for the love of pictures

Thanks kim :)

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