Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The fourteenth day...It IS April right?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009
Why is it snowing in April? Granted it's light, non-sticking snow, but seriously - (1) it's April, and (2) it was colder today, but not that cold. Why can't NY have that beautiful, balmy kind of light jacket wearing weather all year round? That would be wonderful. Go away snow. Look at your calendar. It's Spring now.

Snapped via camera phone...

I really hate public transportation sometimes - especially the subway - but I do like this shot.

Enjoy the day everyone!



LOL i was JUST wondering the same thing. Now the sun is out!

for the love of pictures

I know - lol. This weather is ridiculous. It just needs to pick a season so I know which jacket to wear in the morning :)

Jenny Jerkface

I feel the same way! I looked out the office window and couldn't believe it was snowing. Enough all ready!

Great picture, btw


LOL we just had snow here in Chicagoland two days ago. Now it's 50 something and sunny and there's still some snow hangin around.

Winter just WON'T give up! And I love the subway picture by the way :)

for the love of pictures

Thanks everyone :)

Yeah, winter needs to let go so Spring can really arrive. I want to put my winter gear away.

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