Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The twenty-seventh day...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009
Well, today was a sad, frustrating, stress and tension filled day at work (to be read lay-offs of some of my co-workers and friends, and pestering phone calls regarding problem-filled projects).
I was able to get out and walk around for a bit at lunch time though. P and I just had to take a walk. The air was filled with too much tension in the office. As soon as we got outside, we each called our respective boyfriends. P wanted to tell her honey, L, about what had happened so far and how she was feeling. I just wanted to hear my man's voice. He has one of those calming and soothing voices, and always knows just what to say to make the day better. I needed some of that soothing calmness this afternoon.

Well, at least today wasn't as rain-filled as yesterday. I managed to snap a few shots on the way back to the office. I love when the tops of the skyscrapers disappear into the fog. It reminds me of Jack and the Beanstalk :) Yes, I absolutely love fairy tales. Always have.

On the way back P decided she need comfort food of the McDonald's kind; and I had to get a picture of their condiment policy poster. In what world should McD's be charging 20 cents for extra nugget sauce. Just give customers the extra sauce. I only say this because I love eating their sweet & sour sauce on my fries, but rarely actually buy the McNuggets :)

Have a great night everyone :)



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