Saturday, April 11, 2009

The seventeenth day...With these kinds of April showers, there had better be some amazing May flowers

Saturday, April 11, 2009
Get taxes done = Check √

Well it's a rainy day today, but I still had to get up out of my nice warm bed and head out to the tax man. I am seriously late with doing my taxes this year, and didn't want to wait for the absolute last minute next week (I cannot believe that it's almost mid-April already). The process was simple for me - I mean I don't have to do anything except hand over my paperwork and sit back - and I was back home before noon :) Yea!

It sucks though that another lady and I were splashed while waiting for the bus. I mean a full on clothes-drenching splash; and I think that the idiot who did it not only (1) did it on purpose (he had obviously swerved into the puddle), but he also (2) laughed as he drove away. I was somewhat lucky; I saw it coming at the last second and managed to turn my head, so the water only hit my clothes. The other splash victim, however, got a mouth full of murky run-off. It was pretty sad and gross.

Rain, rain go away... or stay, whatever. Today's a perfect stay home and sleep day :)

Have a great day and weekend everyone :)



first of all that guys a jerk! and second, that's my biggest fear on rainy days, just getting absolutely drenched by gross street water...I've had a few close calls. glad you didn't get it too bad.

have a good weekend too!

for the love of pictures

I know :) This is about the 4th time in my life that I've been splashed. The worst was when a bus splashed my back when I was on my way to an interview. Lol!


Whenever it rains on campus people in cars ALWAYS try to splash you... it's super annoying!


That sucks that you got soaked. I thought that only happened in movies! LoL I took my tax stuff in today too, but I won't get them back until Tuesday.

for the love of pictures

I've never understood why some people love to splash others on purpose :)

So many of my co-workers decided to do their own taxes this year, but I decided I just didn't need the extra stress this year - they all looked so stressed out. Let my accountant worry over the numbers this year. Lol :)

Enjoy the rest of the weekend every1!

Snarkier Than You

Ack! I never even considered the possibility of being splashed to the point where it gets in your mouth! GROSS!!! Note to self: never EVER go into the city unless there is no chance of rain. Maybe I am more OCD (and I'm not referring to the "Cullen" kind - lol) than some, but I would have a serious meltdown if that happened to me. It would be like licking the street.

for the love of pictures

Lol :) I know exactly what you mean. I don't think any amount of brushing and mouthwash could get rid of that feeling.

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