Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Speaking of work and ponies...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009
For anyone keeping score - yes, that project at work continues to stress me. It got to the point last night where I couldn't fall asleep because I was so stressed about how much work is still left to be done (I finally fell asleep, but it wasn't very restful). The parties on the other side of this project were slightly more helpful today; but they still insist on dragging their feet. I think part of the problem on their end is that there are just too many cooks in their kitchen. They have their paperwork spread out over too many people in too many offices. It gets pretty frustrating for me when I have to wait for the Michigan office to contact the California office before they can get back to me in NY, and start the whole ridiculous process all over again. Just a couple more days though. I hope to have the bulk of the work done by Thursday - well I really have to. Curse you time crunch.
My Little Pony set
Anyway, P received a gift from an old co-worker today. It was wrapped up in Baby-R-Us packaging so P was wondering what it would be for a second. It turned out to be a cute My Little Pony set. Random to me, but apparently the two of them, and some other people who worked with them at that time, had some inside jokes going on which revolved around the facial features of horses and some of their other co-workers. I'm not really sure that I want to know all the details - but P burst into hysterical laughter when she saw it. I, however, loved My Little Pony when I was a kid and choose to just see it as a cute toy.

Another picture just because...

I love the look of this. However, I am not a smoker so it's too bad that it is the logo for Nat Sherman's tobacco products. It still looks cool though.

Have a great night everyone.



MLP's with bunny ears! Nice!

for the love of pictures

Lol! MLPs love accessories too.

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