Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The twentieth day...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009
It's always hard to bounce back into work mode after a vacation - no matter how short the break. Today was a long, hard, strange day. Little annoying things kept happening this morning, and by 5:30 I was ready to slam my office door and flee the building for the comfort of my worn-in couch at home. Unfortunately, I am flexing this week, so I couldn't actually leave the office until after 7, but whatcha gonna do?

First, this morning on the train, the lady next to me fell into a deep, deep sleep. I completely understand being tired on the train - I think it has something to do with the rock, rock, rocking of the train car - and I didn't want to nudge her, but it was getting dangerously close to that time. I said excuse me a few times and she eventually popped awake and let me out of the corner seat. She was apologetic, and I just let her know that it was fine. The train hadn't even fully arrived at my stop yet, so no harm, no foul.

Once I got off the train and turned to walk up the steps, a fellow straphanger decided that he would like to try walking on my back, and tried to knock me down. I don't know where the lightning quick reflexes came from this morning, but I managed to keep myself upright.

Once I was topside again, I realized that I had like 5 minutes to sprint to work. I came across a family of tourists that were laughing and walking with linked arms and blocking the entire sidewalk. Cute family time, but they were moving at a pace of about a millimeter a minute. The woman in front of me who was trying to get past them was growing increasingly aggravated with each failed attempt. She finally just ducked under one of the sets of linked arms. It was like one of those old grade school playground games. As I was walking by - I opted for the say excuse me twice and then walk in the street route - my purse lightly and accidentally brushed the arm of one of the women walking. The woman started screaming. She was screaming "Oh my God. Oh man. What was it?!!! What HAPPENED?!!!" Her linked arm party members then also began screaming "What was it?!!! What happened?!!! What was it?!!!" I had already said sorry as I was passing and felt the bag touch her, so I didn't turn around at the overreaction. She then started saying "Hello! Helloooooo!!!" I assumed that she was talking to her group and not to me, so I just kept on going to work.

As I said, it was a crazy morning. It was made even crazier due to the fact that I got almost no sleep last night and was on edge and exhausted for the whole day as a result. Tomorrow has to be better - except that I'm still flexing so it is going to be another loooong day.

Oh well! On a bright note, I did some shopping today :) I got two pairs of adorable flats to help ring in Spring and Summer - if the rain ever leaves. I hate breaking in new shoes only to have them end up soaked and gross.

Dark metallic silver flats with beautiful shocking pink insoles and cute flats with black, gray and white hearts

I also bought a little silver clutch (no pic, sorry), which I didn't need but bought anyway, and hats for each of my sisters. Sis 1 got a cute pinstriped fedora and Sis 2 got a cute green military style bucket hat. Hope they like 'em :)

I didn't even want to buy anything today, but I do love a deal. Now I just need to be good for the rest of the week (or two).

Have a great night everyone!



Oooh,cute purchases! I love shopping, even if it is only window shopping. This past weekend, I went a tad crazy, bought a few v-neck tees, and a new checkbook sized wallet from Fossil.

AND I want to go shopping again this weekend, go figure...:)

for the love of pictures

Hey Moonjava - Sometimes you just need to shop, am I right? And, oooh Fossil! I love Fossil stuff.

Have a great night :)


Yep, I NEED to shop, however, the question is can I AFFORD to shop. :) I'm a starving graduate student, that's what sales are for right?! Night!


Great purchases! But that was a rough day! Tomorrow will be better I'm sure.

for the love of pictures

I understand all too well Moonjava. My shopping wants have outweighed my shopping needs quite a few times.

Thanks jeanette! I sure hope so :)


Love the metallic shoes! They are super-adorable! Love the hats also! :)

for the love of pictures

Thanks. Now I just need to find clothes in my closet to match :) Shoes courtesy of Payless (BOGO) and hats courtesy of Strawberry's :)

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