Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Invitation by e-mail?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009
I find this funny - but only because it doesn't involve me, or my house, at all. It involves my friend P. One of P's old co-workers, from when she used to work out west, sent her an e-mail today. They were friends (still are), but haven't really spoken or had the chance to catch up in a few years. So, today said old co-worker sends P an e-mail. It read simply:

How are you? I was wondering if my kids and I could stay with you from July 1st thru the 6th? I wanted to go on a little vacation with them and that may be a good time. Do those dates work for you?"

I think that this has to be a belated April Fool's Day joke. I mean, that was the entire e-mail. That's it. No chit-chat. No 'how've you been'. No 'if I can't stay with you can you help me find a hotel'. Nothing. There wasn't even a 'thanks,' or 'talk to you later'. It was just too weird; but the ball is in P's court now as to whether she'll have an extra 4 guests for the 4th.

Hope everyone is enjoying the day :)



Wow! For a friendship as you described, I'd feel that email was way out of line. The email should have read something like this: "Dear P, Since we used to be pretty good friends, and you live in an area I'd like to vacation in...I'd like to use you and get a free place to stay for a week. Let me know if I can walk all over you."
OK, OK, maybe I'm just a little jaded... If I were P, I'd say no to letting them stay with me, but offer to make a dinner night while she's in the area. People amaze me, haha


Awkward turtle.

for the love of pictures

MaisyDaisy, that's hilarious. In an update, P called her to tell her that she wouldn't be able to put her up for that time. Old co-worker's response was that it was worth a shot and that P should let her know if she thinks of anyone else she and her kids could stay with. So strange :) If I were P, I'd probably do the same as you.

jeanette, it's so funny that you said that. My sisters say awkward turtle all the time :) And this was definitely an awkward turtle moment for P if I ever heard of one.


That is crazy. First off, I could never leave my kids with someone i wasn't close enough with to talk to ALL the time.
Very out of line e-mail. I hope it was a joke.

for the love of pictures

Hello kimmiekat :) Thanks for stopping by; and I agree. It was just too big a request for that level of friendship. Especially since she is looking for somewhere to stay for 4 people.


Ok, that's crazy! Seriously, I'd totally feel uncomfortable asking a friend that I hadn't talked in ages if I could come over and stay awhile.

Crazy! I mean yeah I might say, oh do you know of a cheap place that I could stay at, but not invite myself over to a friend's house that I hadn't seen in ages. Rude!

for the love of pictures

Hey Moonjava, I agree 100% :) I also think that the e-mail itself was rude. No hi, how are you, just when can I come stay.

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