Monday, April 27, 2009

The thirty-third day...

Monday, April 27, 2009
Today was another really warm day.

I wish the heat level could stay right here. No. that's a lie. I actually I wish that it was a few degrees cooler with a nice cross breeze. That hazy, hot and humid summer weather and I just do not get along; and tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter :(

Thank goodness for air conditioning/central air. That, coupled with a glass of some ice-cold iced tea, are truly beautiful things :)

How did everyone else enjoy the day? Was it good weather all around?

Have a great night!



Yeah, I had to use the AC last night. It was just too sticky.

paddle to shore

Mmmmmmmm.... I always enjoy the hot weather with ice cold Iced tea!

for the love of pictures

Hey Kim and Kimberly :)

I may have to use the AC tonight which is ridiculous - it's not even May yet :) I'll definitely be making another batch of iced tea though.

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