Friday, April 17, 2009

The Friday 5

Friday, April 17, 2009
Well everyone, it’s Friday. Oh happy day! The weekend is here again – or at least it will be, for me, in about 9 hours :)

Anyway, enjoy the Friday 5!

1. When did you last sleep in a tent?
When I was about 12 – and the tent was pitched in my backyard.

2. What comes to mind when you think about relieving yourself in the great outdoors?
I’ll take the modern conveniences over ducking behind a tree any day.

3. Where’s the best place you ever went camping?
My backyard :)

4. What’s your favorite camp food?
I was in my backyard, so I just went inside the house to eat :)

5. What’s your sleeping bag like?
Royal blue and warm.

TGIF everyone!



Amen to the modern conveniences! I played too... Check mine out, HERE!

for the love of pictures

I know. Camping - in the actual outdoors beyond my backyard - is just not for me :)

Thanks for stopping by, btw. I'll have to check out your answers too.

annies home

to funny camping in the backyard I remember those days and you always have your bathroom just a short walk away

for the love of pictures

Hi shopannies, and thanks for stopping by :)

I know. Those days were the best - nature with the conveniences of home.

I'll stop by to check out your answers soon too.


I love camping. haven't been in about 3 years. I would so put the tent up in the backyard if the dogs wouldn't attack it.

for the love of pictures

Happy Friday kimmiekat :)

Yeah, that would probably ruin both the tent and the night :)

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