Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The twenty-eighth day...It's been that kind of week

Wednesday, April 22, 2009
Why is it that when the crap hits the fan, all of it has to hit that fan at once? I received some more news at work today regarding shifts in my Department that are due to take effect by Monday. There are going to be some adjustments that have to made really quickly; AND, I have the projects of nightmares waiting for me on my desk. Seriously, it's like 4 different ones that all exploded at once. Crap. Someone turn off that stupid fan.

I'm just ridiculously grateful that I still have my job. Despite all the problem projects and silly everyday tensions, I really love it there. This week though, has been a mess so far. I may have to plan a little trip with some co-workers after work tomorrow.

I have two places in mind so far...

Or maybe I'll just come home and sleeeeeeeeeeeep :) Who knows.
So, how's the week going for all of you?
Have a great night everyone!


Snarkier Than You

I say you go to BOTH places! I've had that kind of week/month, too - pretty much in the exact same boat - happy to still be employed [knocks on wood - STY is superstitious!] but things have been scary/difficult the last few months and it's probably going to get uglier before we turn the bend. I guess all we can do is hold on - and blog about it! Oh yeah - and drink to make it all ok - lol!

for the love of pictures

I know :) Blogging does help, and I could use a Guinness and a Margarita. This whole economic downturn is seriously messing with my nerves. It's wierd to almost always be on edge at work.

Have a great day STY. The weekend is almost here!

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