Wednesday, April 8, 2009

You know, it's not that warm yet.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009
When I was leaving work today - actually more like fleeing the building as fast as I could while still walking (my stress level is still on the rise due to, you guessed it, that same project) - I came across a group of teenagers at the end of the block. It was obvious that it was some sort of class or club outing. Waiting for the light to change were about 15 - 20 boys and girls. One of the chaperones turned to look what I thought was directly at me and shouted 'hurry up so we can all make this light'. I just gaped at her and said, 'Me?' to which she did a little fit of polite laughter and said 'No, the rest of the girls.' I feel like she wanted to add something like 'silly' to the send of her sentence. I turned around to see the 6 or so girls about a half a block behind me. The chaperone yelled at them to hustle one more time and then turned back to me and said, 'Haha, you can come with us though. It will be fun. We can have won ton soup.' I politely declined - but thanks for the random offering of soup, serious or not :) During this whole exchange though, I kept on wondering where they were from, only because the entire group (chaperones included) was shivering. I heard teeth chattering :( It looked like they neglected to watch the weather report before venturing into the city and didn't realize that Winter locked its Spring sibling in a closet this morning.

I should note that I was wearing my puffy, fluffy and delightfully warm down winter coat today, and couldn't help but notice as 20 or so pairs of eyes trailed after me when I passed the group crossing the street. I hope they ended up having fun, and eating their won ton soup, somewhere warm.

I was a little annoyed at first when I saw that the group had taken over the entire intersection, but I now assume that they were probably huddling together for warmth.

Some more post rain clouds...

Enjoy the night everyone :)



It's completely Texan to be out of season! Like, flip flops and winter coats. It drives me batty and sometimes, even I fall victim to the unseasonable faux pas...

for the love of pictures

Lol, I do too sometimes :) I just hope the group was able to get wherever they were going quickly so they could try to get warm.

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