Thursday, April 30, 2009

The thirty-sixth day...

Thursday, April 30, 2009
Yes, that is a Pac-Man hat :)
Yet another Comic Con treasure that I had to have. What can I say? I loved Pac-Man as a kid and decided it was adorable and, thus, a nostalgic necessity. I would have actually loved a matching Mrs. Pac-Man hat so that I could wear that one and bestow this gift on my man, but they didn't have one. Oh well, we'll just have to share :)

My man gave me a brilliant idea that, one day when work has stressed me out enough, I will probably do. He suggested that I carry the hat to work, put it on and just sit and my desk like nothing's up. I'm guessing that it would take about 2 (maybe 3) minutes for my boss to come to my office and say how cute she thinks it is while somehow simultaneously willing me to take it off and hide it in a drawer with her mind. I plan to put it on and call it my thinking cap if anyone asks why I'm wearing it - if I build up enough "courage" :)

So, how was everyone's Thursday? All I can say is Friday can't get here soon enough. Hurry up and get here please :) This week you not only bring the weekend, but also the long awaited Wolverine movie. I cannot wait! I just hope it lives up to the hype. Is anyone else planning on seeing it tomorrow night/this weekend?

Well, enjoy the rest of the night everyone :)



Just want to say that that cap is badass. I'd admire you if you actually walked into work wearing that. Awesome.

And yeah, I'm excited for the Wolverine movie either.


That thinking cap idea is hilarious, but I probably wouldn't do it - I'm too chicken. ;)

for the love of pictures

Happy Friday Lee and Maisy :)

I do love my Pac-Man hat, but yeah I'd probably chicken out too. I would be awesome to see everyone's faces though, so I might try to do it around Halloween time - maybe :)

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