Thursday, May 21, 2009

The fifty-seventh day...The weekend is almost here!

Thursday, May 21, 2009
Tomorrow is a half-day at work (happy dance). The office will be closing down at 1pm, and my brain is already on weekend time :) I am going out to lunch after work tomorrow with my man, P and her hubby-to-be L, and our fellow co-worker S. We'll be going to Dave and Busters after that, and my man and I absolutely love playing video games, so I'm looking forward to that. I'm just sick of work right now. It has stressed me out so much for the past couple of weeks that I just need to relax. Thank goodness this is a nice long weekend - though they really are never long enough :)

A pic or two...
Hey Bryant Park :) This summery weather is looking good on ya!

As much as I love the colors (so bright :), I don't like this J. Crew window display as much as the ice cream cones.

So, does anyone have any fun Memorial Day plans? Any trips, BBQs, etc.?

Have a great night everyone! I'm off to watch So You Think You Can Dance :)


paddle to shore

Boyfriend and I absolutely love Dave and Busters in Times Square.

ohh I wish I wish I wish...
Have fun!

Snarkier Than You

oh for the love of all things holy - i hadn't even CONSIDERED that we might close up shop early tomorrow!! hell, back in the day when work was more [slightly more] fun and profitable, it would have been a given... several lay-offs and pay-cuts later? never even crossed my mind... whatever - they owe me a half-day - i'm leaving early if i can!

and you are right - that's a whole lotta blingy stuff for a j-crew window. i guess i am too poor and j-crew stopped sending me catalogs a long time ago, but since when are they hawking scads of walk-of-shame-worthy jewelery??

enjoy the long weekend!

: )

for the love of pictures

Thanks Kimberly :) I love the big trivia machine. I just sit there for hours blowing all my points - but racking up those tickets so I can get the highly useful item of a giant pixie stick :)

Thanks STY :) You go for that half-day. I try to grab them whenever I can, and I aim to be waiting at the elevator (if not on it, or already in the lobby) at exactly 1pm :)

Have a great weekend you guys!

Badass Geek

Plans? Well, at least I'm not working the holiday. Probably just sorting through crap and packing in preparation of our move soon.

Have a good weekend!


Dave and Busters is so much fun once in a while. I live a little too far away from one right now.

As for my weekend, there's a wedding ;) So that should be fun...although I do have to dress up. :P

for the love of pictures

Hey Badass :) Prepping for a move is tedious but, like you said, at least you're not working for the weeekend :)

Hey Moonjava :) I do love D&B - even if it does get a bit too crowded. Have fun at the wedding. Did you definitely decide on a dress and makeup combo?

Have a great Friday!

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