Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The forty-first day...It's baaaack!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009
The rain that is.

It rained - actually it misted - all day. The sky was a dull, lifeless shade of gray that dampened spirits throughout the entire office and made the workday seem to eek by at a snail's pace. Wow, that was a little more doom and gloom than intended :) At least tomorrow is supposed to be a little sunny (before the rain returns on Thursday, of course). At least I'm off on Friday, so tomorrow is really my Thursday. Yea!

I hope all of you had great days and managed to stay dry :)

Today's pic is of an interesting piece of art that catches my eye each time I pass it. It's all light and wires and I really like it :)

Enjoy the rest of the night everyone!



Where is that? And what are the filmy-looking things streaking down the sides? (or is that from the camera?)

for the love of pictures

Hi Linnea :) It's at Grand Central Station - or at least one of the buildings above GCS. I pop in there every so often to go to a convenience store on the first level :)

Yeah, sorry the picture quality isn't the best. I used the camera on my phone, but the filmy things are actually wires/strings that run from the ceiling, around the 'ball' and down to the floor. It's an interesting piece.

Have a great Wednesday :)

paddle to shore

Ohhhh I've seen this before. It's pretty neat!

for the love of pictures

Yea, it's pretty and a little wierd all at once.

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