Sunday, May 31, 2009

The sixty-sixth day...(a little belated)

Sunday, May 31, 2009
Sorry for the belated post everyone - again :) My sisters and I were up for hours playing God of War II, and we lost all track of time. Actually we watched The House Bunny first and then moved on to video games. And, actually I was alternating between that and Lego Indiana Jones :) None of us have ever played either game before, and I have to say they are both great in their own ways. I may have to play a little more, make that, I definitely will :)

Anyway, my family went out during the afternoon yesterday (before the video game playing began :) and discovered a little surprise. A new restaurant has moved into the residential neighborhood that houses my old high school. That's right! The building right next to the post office and the movie theater, and near the Boston Market, Applebee's and Kohl's (I absolutely love Kohl's, btw), where the old Future Diner use to be, now houses a Hooters. Apparently, the neighborhood is going crazy for it because when we drove by, we saw that the line to get in was out the door. It was just weird to see it when I remember a Future Diner being there, with it's 50's diner feel - even though that place closed down years ago.

I found it funny that the girls called out "Hey daddy!" - in unison - to all the cars that passed.
Have a great day everyone!



I always hear that they have the best hot wings, and that'r the reason why men really go to Hooters :)

for the love of pictures

Hey Miss Cindy :) Haha, I've heard the hot wings thing too actually, and I of course agree - that must be the reason men flock to the place :) Men and their hot wings. Those girls might as well be covered head to toe in heavy down coats for all the attention they must get once the wongs are on the tables :)

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!

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