Friday, May 22, 2009

The Friday 5

Friday, May 22, 2009
TGIF everyone (oh, and it's the beginning of a nice, long holiday weekend too - Yea)!
It's that time again...time for the Friday 5 :)

1. What kind of out-of-school lessons did you take as a kid?
Piano – for a little while.

2. What valuable lesson did you learn this past week?
Sometimes it is better to hold your tongue and be the bigger person.

3. Who in your life really needs to be taught a lesson?
One particular person – she knows who she is.

4. What kinds of lessons would you love to have a private teacher for right now?
Language lessons - I would love to really learn Spanish and French.

5. What steps have you taken to lessen the impact of these rough economic times?
Working hard, and trying (trying) to spend less :)

Have a great Friday everyone!



Looks like languages are the big choices at the moment! I'd love to learn piano, and martial arts...:)

for the love of pictures

Happy Friday Moonjava :) I took French in high school, but only remember a handful of phrases. I would love to actually be fluent in quite a few languages. I also wish I remembered more of my piano lessons. It would be amazing to be proficient in martial arts, though :)

annies home

would have loved to take piano lessons even now probably would be better now than then as well

for the love of pictures

Hey shopannie :) I wish I knew more than a few really basic songs. Playing the piano, really well, is such a wonderful and cool skill :) I always wanted to take guitar lessons instead though when I was a kid :)

Have an amazing weekend!

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