Monday, May 4, 2009

The fortieth day...MASH :)

Monday, May 4, 2009
It's a little funny :) I was reading Children of the 90's blog recently and she did a wonderful post on the MASH game. Remember that oldie, but goodie? I used to love that game as a kid. I think that I liked it so much because I never took it very seriously - though I had some friends that did. I should look them up and see how their looseleaf paper destinies played out :)

Anyway, I was reminded of her post because I walked into the store today, saw this little beauty, and had take a couple of pictures.
Electronic MASH game

No more ripping sheets out of notebooks for today's youth - destiny's gone electronic (with a convenient carry-on hook so you can carry your fortune teller wherever you go). I snapped a pic of the purple one, but rest assured that it also comes in pink and blue. Have a great night everyone!


Children of the 90s

This is unbelievable. I guess MASH is going green!

for the love of pictures

I guess so. Gotta teach the kids the value of saving paper in any way they can :)

paddle to shore

NO WAY! Electronic MASH? I want this NOW!

for the love of pictures

The store I saw it in was selling it for $2.99. Less than 3 bucks to know your destiny :)

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