Thursday, May 14, 2009

The fiftieth day...My cellphone has a pretty new outfit

Thursday, May 14, 2009
It was raining on and off today, but there were a few dry bits and even some sunny spots this afternoon. However, while most of the day was wet, overcast and pretty cold, I prefer that to the massive amounts of stifling heat that I know will be coming up soon enough. I am just not a Summer person. I'm one of those people that get too hot and uncomfortable too quickly; and the way that the city traps the humidity is ridiculous.

So while today was a little chilly I decided to enjoy it (bobbing and weaving under umbrellas) and went for a walk through the plaza (shown above) during lunch. Ahhh, smoke free beauty :) I took the long way back to work - I was just not ready to go back - and walked past Best Buy. While I was taking in the sight of the ever growing line of fans waiting to meet Green Day tomorrow, one of the Best Buy employees was giving away Mocks cellphone cases to everyone passing by. Now, I love love love freebies! He was giving away this one in blue, and now my phone looks so cute in its new clothes :)

Did anyone else happen upon any cool freebies today?

Enjoy the rest of the night everyone.


Children of the 90s

That's a pretty good freebie! My phone definitely needs a case, it's been dropped more times than should be acceptable.

for the love of pictures

Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised :) It was so random and right on time too as my phone really needed a new cover. The screen was getting all scratched up.

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