Thursday, May 7, 2009

The forty-third day...The first lunch swap

Thursday, May 7, 2009
So, some of the ladies at work (myself included) decided to do this lunch swap kind of thing. Every two weeks, one of use brings in lunch for the group so that 1. we get to taste different kinds of food, and 2. we can have at least two days each month when we don't have to either bring our own lunch or spend an arm and a leg in midtown buying lunch. Today was my day, and I asked my dad if he would be so kind as to provide the meal. I know, I know, you asked what?! But, 1. my dad's a chef, 2. it was the first lunch swap day so I wanted it to be extra special for everyone, and 3. I promise that I'll cook when my next turn comes around - well I'll cook at least one thing :)

My dad went ALL out - as he always does :) [Tangent: He and my mom are such great cooks. The Sisters and I are tremendously lucky. Now, if only I could learn to cook that well.] He made food upon food. There are only 4 four of us in the group - well 5 now (My boss sampled the food and immediately wanted to participate :) - but he made enough for 10 or 12 people. I wanted to take pictures of everything, but I kid you not, once the containers were opened, people descended on the food like hyenas on a wounded gazelle. It was a sight to see. P actually had to wipe the table down with furniture cleaner afterwards. Messy peeps. After we ate, I first opened it up to my department and then put the extra in the kitchen so any other hungry soul could take what they wanted.

Do any of you guys have anything like this in your workplaces?

Anyway, on to the menu:

• Chicken Francaise (with a mushroom/onion sauce on the side);
• Saffron Rice;
• Steamed Asparagus and carrots;
• Tossed Salad (with 4 different dressings on the side);
• Apples;
• Dutch Apple Pie; and
• Individual ice-cream cups (assorted flavors).

He also provided bottled water, plates, napkins, and utensils. Like I said - he's awesome and I thank him to infinity and beyond for doing this!

It made me happy to see that everyone loved the food (it made a dreary rain soaked day that much brighter). We all conference called my dad afterward to say thank you :) Another of my co-workers, N, actually made him a little gift as she joked that she wanted to be my adopted sister so she could eat like that everyday...

So cute :)

...but, sorry N. My dad already has my mom, my sisters and me in his life, and we love him to bits :)

Have a great day everyone. Stay dry- again!



That sounds like so much fun! My coworkers and I just go out for lunch instead! :P Even though none of us can't afford eating out everyday!

Maybe when I start working in the real world?!

paddle to shore

WOW- your dad sounds amazing.
It was so sweet of him to go all out like that. I'm sure everyone really appreciated it.

for the love of pictures

TGIF Moonjava and Kimberly :)

The lunch was great, and my dad is awesome and wonderful for doing that - and in general :) Everyone loved the food, and got a hot, healthy lunch so that was cool.

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